P. Ravensbergen & Sons Ltd. is a proud partner with Pick Ontario, an organization whose purpose is to promote Ontario grown flowers and potted plants to the consumer. To Pick Freshness or for more information go to www.pickontario.ca.
The Company
Attention to detail at every levelAttention to detail at every level
Ontario grown flowers right to your doorOntario grown flowers right to your door
The face at the Ontario Food Terminal Stall 414The face at the Ontario Food Terminal Stall 414
Technology at workTechnology at work
Indoor Gardens will put a smile on your face tooIndoor Gardens will put a smile on your face too
Quality and Value DrivenQuality and Value Driven
Quality Control – an essential part of our processesQuality Control – an essential part of our processes
Carbon neutral fuel used to heat the farmCarbon neutral fuel used to heat the farm

Our Mission

To supply our customers with the highest quality products and services, using the best techniques and technology we have available. We strive to ensure this by proactive market assessment and making certain that our clients are treated respectfully and considerately by keeping our Christian principles in view.

Our History

We are a multi-generational family farm that traces its roots to Rijnsburg, The Netherlands where Peter Ravensbergen first grew Tulips in the 1940's. Transplanting that savvy to Canada under God's blessing took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. In 1956 the farm was purchased just west of Smithville where Tulips and Gladiolus were grown outdoors until 1968. Gradually the switch to potted flowering plants occurred and the business has continued to grow, incorporating the values learned from those who have gone before. The third generation is now operating the farm and continues to engage in flower farming and distribution of cut flowers and potted plants.

Our Commitment to Society

One very important goal of P. Ravensbergen & Sons Ltd., keeping the present and future in mind, is to maintain a healthy and sustainable work environment. We do this by utilizing beneficial insects and other products in our integrated pest management program. Our irrigation water is recycled to minimize any disruption to the local eco-system and to conserve fertilizer and water. The switch to a carbon neutral fuel in 2006 greatly reduced our carbon footprint . We as a company are striving to look for innovative and creative ways to find, and make use of the (greenest) alternatives to reduce our energy use. Proper stewardship of our planet and our resources is a high priority at P. Ravensbergen & Sons Ltd. We have recently been awarded the citation as a CIPEC Leader in 2008 from Natural Resourses Canada; through this we are “helping to create a stronger economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency”. Browse our photos to see our ideas in action.

Magic Colours

Plant Care

A few recommended links to keep your plants green.

We here at P. Ravensbergen & Sons Ltd. understand that it can be challenging to keep your plants looking green and healthy. We think it very important to maintain a green environment both in your home and garden and we hope that this will assist you in that goal.

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